Communiversity Programme 2019

The Communiversity initiative is currently recruiting new participants. The Communiversity programme has been set up between Northside Partnership, Maynooth University and Coolock Library.  This programme has been set up to help encourage adults to consider education as an option in the future.  In essence the programme is designed to address the need for social inclusion directed at the Partnership target groups by providing a high level of community education support and active citizenship courses outside of traditional educational settings.   The course will last for 17 weeks, one morning per week, 2.5 hours per session.  The seventeen weeks would be divided into 4 modules of 4 weeks duration each.  The four modules would consist of 1.Local History 2.Criminology, 3. Media Studies  4. Psychology.  The course is discussion-driven using adult education methodologies and tailored to suit the demands of each of the individuals who participate on the course.  The approach would be offered with full flexibility within a coherent framework of university level 7 course but without the need to complete an examination. With the course being discussion led (no projects, no assignments and no examines) it gives each participant the opportunity to sample education at this level without the pressures normally associated with an assessment. Each participant will be able to enjoy the content of the programme and sample areas which they might not necessarily get exposed to.

The Course will be located in Northside Partnership, Coolock with a taster workshop arranged for Thursday 24th January 2019  at 10.00am in the Northside Partnership.  The Communiversity Programme usually run in Coolock Library but due to the library going through a refurbishment in 2019 the Northside Partnership will host the programme.   This year is an early start to ensure that the programme doesn’t run into Easter or Summer holidays and to accommodate parents who would like to participant in the programme.   If any of your clients are interested in participating on the programme, if possible could you email me their details i.e. name, address and telephone number.   I will contact each participant regarding the details around the programme.  If anyone is looking more information on the programme please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If anybody has any further questions, please feel free to give me a call.

Paul Hayes

Education Coordinator

Northside Partnership


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