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Sphere 17 Regional Youth Service (RYS) provides a high-quality youth service to young people between the ages of 10 – 24, in the region of Dublin 17 and Kilbarrack area. We provide many different services to young people, based on their needs, issues and interests.


We have three youth centres located in Bonnybrook, Darndale and Priorswood, and also operate a youth space from St. Benedict’s Resource Centre in Kilbarrack. The service typically operates a 6-day week and opens until 10pm in at least one of the areas/centres from Monday to Friday.


The youth service is provided in line with the Service Level Agreement as issued by the City of Dublin Youth Services Board on behalf of the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY). The Woodale Youth Justice Project is a Garda Youth Diversion Project funded through the Irish Youth Justice Service covering the Darndale and Priorswood area.


Sphere 17 hopes for a future where all young people are valued. We want to see a society where young people have a voice, where young people are respected, and where they feel included, no matter what community they are from. We hope for a society where young people can get high quality support and have a real chance to be the best that they can be.



Sphere 17 believes all young people can achieve great things. Our mission is to support young people to be the best that they can be. We do that in different ways for different young people, as they need it, through the varied services we provide.



Young people (YP) engaged in the service


session contacts with average contact time 96 mins per young person per visit


young people engaged in youth counselling services attending 651 counselling sessions


Cumulative Service Contact Hours


10-14 age group


15+ age group





*Data is for 2022

2022 was a fun and busy year, some of the successful programmes and activities with young people included:

  • Youth Action Group Gender Based Violence Campaign
  • Post Code Wars / Youth United Programme in response to community based youth feuding
  • LGBTQ+ group and their participation in the Pride Parade
  • Horticulture Awareness and Skills Development
  • Drama Programmes and Performances
  • Social Media Awareness and Safety Programmes
  • Woodale Prevention and Early Intervention Programme
  • Residential activities in Cavan, Louth, Roscommon
  • Priorswood Christmas Market Fundraiser for Laura Lynn
  • Another Way 5K Run
  • 'Yupa Darndale' Mural Project
  • Friday Night Late Night Football Leagues
  • NYCI Climate Justice – Future Generations project
  • Sphere 17 Halloween Haunted House as part of the Darndale Together After Dark Festival
  • Our Participation in Creative Places Made in Darndale Festival
  • Youth Committee Recruitment Campaign and Induction Programme

Some other highlights and achievements from the last year include:

  • The new Out’N’About Detached Youth Service and team
  • Increase in youth surveying and feedback
  • In-house peer-to-peer practice sharing
  • Increased funding to Listen Project and extension to Cabra area
  • Received funding through the energy support scheme
  • Received funding from Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and carried out an energy audit
  • Developed a new data system for Out’N’About, a Logbook resource guide, and online registration for young people
  • Funding for a 9-seater bus for Woodale
  • Social media campaigns and increased promotion of the work of the organisation
  • Online Safety and Social Media Policy drafted
  • RYS Manager elected to Board of NYCI
  • Mind-it youth counselling pilot project review recommendations


Unsurprisingly, there were some challenges too!

Some of the key challenges in 2022 included the impact of criminal gangs on young people, the increased
prevalence of drug use in the local communities, and issues with school attendance and engagement. Sphere 17
also had some challenges with staff recruitment during the year.


  • We actively promote the participation of all young people in all aspects of our service.
  • We aim to deliver our service in line with established best practice and in keeping with the equality and community based ethos that informs our
  • We deliver services based on young people’s needs, interests, issues and age profile.
  • We provide a range of services covering recreational, educational, health, personal and social development.
  • We provide professional services, by trained and vetted Youth Work staff.  
  • We engage in a way that is open, creative and positive.


Core youth service activity:

  • Drop-in
  • Group Work (interest and/or issue based)
  • Individual Support
  • Outreach (including detached youth work)
  • Outings and summer projects
  • Residential Activities
  • Events

Other Key Projects:



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Strategic Goals 2023 - 2026

1: Impact

Goal 1: Strengthen our approach to centralising and amplifying young peoples voices within the service to ensure we are truly young person centred in all we do.  

Goal 2: To better understand and communicate our impact, we will build on our measurement and impact framework for evaluating programme outcomes.  

Goal 3: Monitor the changes in our community to ensure what we offer continues to be relevant.  

2: Excellence 

Goal 4: Nurture and develop our people to excel in their role, and support their health and well-being.  

Goal 5: Reflect on and document the Sphere 17 approach to community youth work to support internal organisational learning and sharing of best practice. 

Goal 6: Increase Sphere 17 influence at a regional and national level through strengthened inter-agency collaboration, and increased communication.  

3: Sustainability

Goal 7: Develop a method for assessing and prioritising projects, programmes, and future opportunities which aligns with our overall mission, values and service commitments.  

Goal 8: Ensure that our governance and management structures are resilient to change and can grow sustainably.  

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