Woodale Youth Justice Project

Youth Justice Project is co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Union as part of the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) 2021-2027

Woodale Youth Justice Project is a Garda Youth Diversion Project (GYDP) that works with young people aged 10-17 years from the areas of Priorswood and Darndale. The Woodale Team is made up of three Youth Justice Workers – Tanya Walker, Noel Browne and Susan Hanlon. The majority of young people are referred to Woodale by the Garda Juvenile Liaison Officer following a formal caution in the local Garda Station. Young people can also be referred to the project by other professionals such as youth workers, teachers, and social workers. The aim of the GYDP is to divert young people away from offending behaviour and/or other factors that put them at risk of committing an offence in the first place. We do this by offering support, encouragement and opportunities related to education, training, employment, work experience, and involvement in pro-social activities. Recent activities include water-sports, gardening, creative arts (music), cookery and baking. We work with young people individually as well as in small groups. The Woodale project seeks to encourage a better quality of life for young people in the community, in addition to fostering good relationships between the Gardaí and young people.

For more information about our funding source please visit http://www.eufunds.ie/




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