Woodale Easter PEIP

Congratulations to the 5 young people in Sphere 17 Priorswood who successfully completed YOUth matters: The 4 C’s – Challenges, Choices, Consequences and Change. YOUth matters: the 4 C’s is a Prevention and Early Intervention Programme (PEIP) designed by the Woodale team to support young people on the path to their future.

The programme took place over the Easter holidays and involved a list of incredible pro-social activities with the purpose of making the connection between your thoughts and your actions!

What did we do…

We jammed in a lot over the 2 weeks…Escape VR (virtual reality), Toxic Zone Team Challenge (bomb-squad), The Garden Project clean-up, some serious skills on the basketball court and putting green, two amazing days of Watersports accompanied by Cormac from Coolock Garda Station (he brought donuts lads!!!) and finally, Bounce and Beyond (jump jump JUMP AROUND).

Overall the lads accomplished a lot…

The two weeks were quite challenging but by the end of the programme the 5 lads worked together to achieve teamwork, effective communication and listening, creativity and imagination, problem-solving and better anger management skills.

The Presentation of Certificates took place in the primary school drop-in in Sphere 17 Priorswood on 29th April 2019. Woodale YJP presented 2 Bronze Awards, 2 Silver Awards and 1 Gold Award… Well Done Lads!!

What are the benefits of participating in the programme?

  • Young people are exposed to a variety of experiences to improve their physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.
  • We support young people with the transition from primary school to secondary school
  • Young people develop positive peer groups and are less likely to be involved in ‘at-risk’ or offending behaviour
  • The Programme facilitates positive interactions with the Gardaí, young people and the local Community
  • Young people are empowered to make better life choices, they are better equipped to cope with and manage the challenges they might encounter and they are aware of the consequences of their choices
  • The Programme encourages personal responsibility and empowers young people to voice their thoughts, opinions and ideas regarding their needs
  • Full attendance, active participation and engagement in the programme are rewarded with exciting pro-social activities.

Group photo
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