Social Commons Group Art Exhibition Liberty Hall Dublin 2nd – 12th May 2019

Redefining the Commons A group of Irish and International artists from disparate backgrounds and geographical locations have found a common voice. This cross section of contemporary artists are passionate about uniting strands of life, culture and locations to comment on the Current State. This exhibition aims to empower everyone to consider their position and participate in this global dialogue.
Social Commons will be an exhibition curated by Kathryn Maguire, Siobh Mcgrane and Brian Treacy, following the successful collaboration and exhibition ‘Social Fabric’ exhibited in Liberty Hall for Mayfest 2018. Social Commons is a multi-disciplinary art exhibition exploring issues experienced by communities both local and global. The works will be sourced from various artists from a diverse range of backgrounds and eras. The exhibition seeks to engage the viewer, offering a possibility of solution.
The artworks shall display themes such as Social Realism and Social Justice and political histories. A series of workshops were facilitated by both Curators in specific Homeless Hubs partnered with Mary Lynch Community Officer of the Dublin Region Homeless Executive. The artworks shall convey messages and voices of the families affected by Homelessness in Dublin City today. Youth Organisations such as Sphere 17 shall exhibit works created around the central theme of Mental Health and Identity issues. The commonality of all our worries and stresses regardless of age, gender and era can seek refuge in the realms of creativity and be celebrated.
Social Commons Group Art Exhibition Liberty Hall Dublin 2nd

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