Join Belong To’s Youth Advisory Panel!

Calling all young LGBTQ+ changemakers! 

Belong To – LGBTQ+ Youth Ireland is now accepting applications to its Youth Advisory Panel!
Belong To’s Youth Advisory Panel is a group of LGBTQ+ young people who come together to support Belong To in achieving our vision of a society where LGBTQ+ young people are equal, safe and thriving.

What does Belong To’s Youth Advisory Panel do?
All of Belong To’s work is rooted in and driven by the lives and experiences of LGBTQ+ young people. To support this, members of Belong To’s Youth Advisory Panel take part in a number of activities,
● attend an in-person training day in Dublin on Saturday, April 27th to develop media and campaigning skills.
● act as ambassadors for Belong To in the media, at events and in external meetings with politicians and other organisations.
● shape and develop national campaigns on areas including mental health, anti-bullying and online safety.
● give input to key policy and advocacy areas including education, healthcare and LGBTQ+ equality.
● benefit from skills-based trainings and workshops.

What is expected of me as a member of Belong To’s Youth Advisory Panel?
You will need to attend two of the three Youth Advisory Panel meetings throughout the year. The first meeting will be in person in Dublin on Saturday, April 27th. Belong To will contact members by email about events and opportunities outside of meetings. You are expected to be engaged by email to keep up to date on Belong To’s campaigns and upcoming meetings.

How can I get involved in Belong To’s LGBTQ+ Youth Advisory Panel?
Applications to Belong To’s Youth Advisory Panel is open to anyone who:
● is aged 16-22
● identifies as LGBTQ+
● lives in Ireland
● is available to attend our first in-person meeting and training day in Dublin on Saturday, April 27th
● is interested in affecting positive change for yourself and other LGBTQ+ young people!

If you are interested in taking part in Belong To’s Youth Advisory Panel,
please visit Belong To’s website to learn more and fill out the application
form here

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