Changing of the Guard!


This week we wished a fond farewell to Gerry Clarke who was a terrific servant on the Board of Sphere 17. Gerry, a proud Roscommon man who works in PWC, was a great supporter of the work of the team while being mindful of the responsibility of the Board to all of our stakeholders including the tax payer, our funders, and, most importantly, the young people. Over his 8 year term, Gerry helped us to implement a robust system of checks and balances that gives the required reassurance for all stakeholders of a well governed charity. Gerry modelled the very high-quality standards and good governance practices that we value so much here in Sphere 17, and he did so in his characteristically understated, modest, and unassuming manner. We will be forever grateful for your commitment and generosity Gerry – thank you.

Just as Gerry hangs up his Sphere 17 boots, we are very fortunate to have two fantastic new signings! Mark O’Dea and Mike Taylor bring a wealth of experience to the Board ensuring a bright future and that regeneration of the Sphere 17 Board continues. Welcome aboard!

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