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Who We Are and What We Do

Sphere 17 provides a high-quality youth service to young people between the ages of 10 – 24, in the region of Dublin 17 and Dublin 5. We provide many different services to young people, based on their needs, issues and interests. The services include drop-ins, educational and issue based group work programmes, one-to-one support, detached youth work (including outreach), outings and residential activities, summer programmes, the Woodale Youth Justice Project and The Listen Project. Last year (2017) we worked with over 1,200 individual young people through both structured programmes and open access drop in.

Our Vision

Sphere 17 hopes for a future where all young people are valued. We want to see a society where young people have a voice, where young people are respected, and where they feel included, no matter what community they are from. We hope for a society where young people can get high quality support and have a real chance to be the best that they can be.

Our Mission

Sphere 17 believes all young people can achieve great things; some may need some support to do that. Our mission is to support young people to be the best that they can be. We provide support in different ways, for different young people, as they need it. We do this through drop-ins, group work, one-to-one work, outreach and outings.

Our Values

  • Young Person Centred: We are committed to being young person centered, where young people are the focus of the service.
  • Voluntary Participation: We believe in voluntary participation as a core to our Youth Service provision; young people should always be using our service by choice.
  • Equality and Respect: We promote the acceptance and understanding of others through all service activity and we hold that all people have unique value, rights, needs, beliefs and potential.
  • Development and Growth: We believe that Sphere 17 is a place of on-going learning and opportunity for growth.
  • Safety and Support: We promote a safe and supportive environment in all our service provision.


Our Approach

  • We actively promote the participation of all young people in all aspects of our service
  • We aim to deliver our service in line with established best practice and in keeping with the equality and community based ethos that informs our work.
  • We deliver services based on young people’s needs, interests, issues and age profile
  • We provide a range of services including recreational, educational, health, personal and social development.
  • We provide professional services, by trained and Garda-vetted Youth Workers
  • We engage in a way that is open, creative and positive


Our Services

We provide the following services
  • Drop-in
  • Educational and issue-based group work programmes
  • One-to-one support
  • Detached youth work (incl. outreach)
  • Outings and residential activities
  • Summer project
  • Woodale Youth Justice Project
  • The Listen Project