_What we are about
Sphere 17 - a place to be you ...


Sphere 17 believes all young people have the ability to achieve great things; some just need a little support. We believe we can be that support in different ways, for different young people.

Sphere 17 is your youth service so it can be whatever you make it …what we want it to be for you is … a place to be safe, welcome and heard … be respected not judged … have fun and enjoy learning more about yourself and the world around you … a place to be proud to be part of … a place to be you!

Core Values:

Young Person Centred
We are committed to being Young Person Centred, where young people are the focus of the service.

Voluntary Participation
We believe in Voluntary Participation as a core to our Youth Service Provision.

Equity and Respect
We promote the acceptance and understanding of others through all service activity and we hold that all people have unique value, rights, needs, beliefs and potential.

Development and Growth
We believe that Sphere 17 is a place of on-going learning and opportunity for growth.

We promote a supportive environment in all our service provision.

Sphere 17 aims to provide an integrated, high quality youth service to young people, 10 -21 years in the Dublin 17 area which supports young people to achieve their potential and develop positively towards adulthood. Last year (2015) we worked with over 1,200 individual young people, not including Detached Youth Work contacts, through both structured and casual contact, which contributed to over 18,500 session contacts.

In Sphere 17 RYS we have divided up Dublin 17 region into three areas covered by three different youth work teams; the Bonnybrook Area Team, the Darndale Area Team and the Priorswood Area Team.